Grafixoft Ltd is a progressive and an IT Mark certified company,
which offers professional software services and products for business clients.

Providing outsourcing services, software development and IT consultancy depending on the client's needs are in the scope of the company activities. The internal processes are based on good engineering practices and methodologies which help for providing high quality and adequate software products.
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The company takes part in ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and BSM (Business Service Management) systems' development. CAD/CAM, GIS (Intergraph Registered Solutions Center), VoIP and CIT (Computer Integrated Telephony) are also in the scope of specialization of Grafixoft.
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Grafixoft works with partners as Retain International, PDT and Fusion Business Solutions which hold dominate positions on the software market in USA and UK. The final products are adopted in many companies from the "Fortune 100" chart. Last but not least the company is a participant in a technological partnership with Microsoft and Intergraph and is a member of BASSCOM.
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For more information please call +359 2 9716400 or send us an e-mail. More Contact.


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