We offer a wide variety of IT products - software, hardware or combined mainly in the fields of

  • CAD and CAD/CAM (Computer-aided Design/Computer-aided Manufacturing)
  • Computer Integrated Telephony (CIT) solutions
  • Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)
  • Geographic information systems (GIS) custom solutions based on Intergraph products

You can buy any of the following products:

  • BlueBox™ - call logging software system for registration of dispatchers' conversations.
  • DESIGN Plus ™ - CAD/CAM software system for simple textile design and automation.
  • DESIGN Plus ™ Jacquard - CAD/CAM software system for automation of the process of design in textile companies with jacquard looms.
  • XML Browser - XPath & Text Search freeware application.
  • USB PC-Telephone - powerful communications software application with rich telephony features
  • CyberPhone - 1 Piece Plus Base USB Telephone
  • CyberPhoneK - USB Telephone With Dial Pad


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