Custom Software Development Services

Grafixoft Ltd. offers complete or partial development /elaboration/ of:

  • custom software solutions to fit precisely the client business structure and scope of activities
  • additional components for applications produced by other software producers
  • applications with new functionality which is not available on the market
  • cost-effective solutions with the minimum-required functionality
  • applications and drivers for hardware producers
  • software components for software producers

This service is mostly in use when:

  • your business needs a specific solution based on functionality which is no where to be found in the products available on the market;
  • the standard available products require unreasonable investment for a functionality which your company would not utilize at the moment or in the near future;
  • the functionality wanted cannot be isolated in a separate module to meet your demand and the supplier’s policy does not provide for selling such modules at a reduced price;
  • you are using or plan to start using a specialized product which partially meets your needs and requires an additional functionality to become maximally efficient for your business. If system allows, which is most often the case, we are able to offer you the required additional components;
  • you are using or plan to start using a group of products which you find useful but they fail to completely meet your demand because of insufficient coordination and interaction among them. If such products allow intervention, we could develop additional components and connect them into a smooth running system.

The elaboration follows clear and agreed requirements. If the client isn’t able to provide enough complete and accurate specifications, they can be prepared by the team of Grafixoft Ltd. (for more information see our IT Consultancy services)


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