DESIGN Plus ™ Jacquard is a CAD/CAM software system for automation of the process of design in textile companies with jacquard looms. Top Bulgarian jacquard designers participated in its development. Russian academicians from the Central Research Institute for Complex Automation in Light Industry were also involved.

DESIGN Plus ™ Jacquard provides an opportunity for the development of jacquard projects and operation of jacquard looms. In addition the software allows for a check-up of all parameters before production is released. Basic computer skills are enough for any designer to operate the software since it completely follows manual operations but in greater speed. Human mistakes are out of the question and all labour-consuming and boring manual operations are discarded.

The system allows for the development of models for one-layer weave structures, multi-layer weave structures, one-layer jacquard projects, multi-layer jacquard projects, lanced jacquard projects, operation of various electronic equipment producing for example perforated cards, etc.

The system gives an opportunity for the production of all kinds of jacquard textures – basic jacquard, towelling fabrics, jacquard carpets and other flooring, tags and labels of jacquard, jacquard tapestry, etc.

Any picture or drawing can be scanned through DESIGN Plus ™ Jacquard and turned into a computerized model meeting all requirements for a high quality product. One of the biggest advantages of the system is its ability to visualize the pictures and the weaves reflecting the actual density of the threats and hence achieving a most realistic image of the final product without sparing a threat.

Some main features of DESIGN Plus ™ Jacquard
  • Possibility to create new: one layer weave structures, multi layer weave structures, one-layer and multi-layer jacquard projects.
  • 256 different weave structures can be applied to the colours of the jacquard picture in the project.
  • Automated and semi-automated localization and removing of floatations in the jacquard weave structure.
  • Operating, setting the dimensions and visualizing the work over different types of multi layer weave structures having different warp and weft attitudes.
  • Automatic precise setting the slale of the projects depending on the densities of the warp and weft threads.
  • Real time representation of the result in consequence of the applied weave structures.
  • Possibility for working and applying weave structures over the upper weave, the lower weave, the interweave between lower warp and upper weft, the interweave between upper warp and lower weft and the extended weave of a multi-layer jacquard project.
  • Built-in graphical editor for jacquard pictures.
  • Built-in system for reducing the number of colours used in the jacquard picture.
  • Options for scanning and importing images in the jacquard picture, in its borders and edges.
Users of DESIGN Plus ™ and DESIGN Plus ™ Jacquard
  • MAK AD, Gabrovo, Bulgaria
  • Manuela AD, Haskovo, Bulgaria
  • Maritsatex AD, Plovdiv, Bulgaria
  • Galatex AD, Varna, Bulgaria
  • Brod & Co, Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Siltex AD, Sliven, Bulgaria
  • Katex AD, Kazanlak, Bulgaria
  • Rilski len AD, Samokov, Bulgaria
  • Yana AD, Burgas, (Panagyurishte mill - heddle looms, jacquard), Bulgaria
  • Department of Textile Machines and Technologies in Technical University - Gabrovo, Gabrovo, Bulgaria
  • Professional High School in Textile and Modern Design, Gabrovo, Bulgaria
  • Professional High School in Textile and Modern Design, Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Central Research Institute for Complex Automation in Light Industry, Moscow, Russia
  • EnterNET, Turkey
  • Worsted and Carded Company Cheksil, Ukraine

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