DESIGN Plus ™ is a CAD/CAM software system for simple textile design and automation of the production processes in textile companies equipped with harness looms. The graphical user interface of the software is organized so that it highly stimulates the designer's creativity. When preparing documentation of the of the textile fabrics project human mistakes are out of the question and all labour-consuming and boring manual operations are discarded.

If you are a textile fabrics designer you can now forget about the dotted paper and colour pens - just relax and start applying DESIGN Plus™.

The system allows for the developing of weave structures and colour designs by choosing from different threads by warp or woof. You can easily create also thread palettes. Weaves, designs, articles and thread palettes can be stored and used when needed any time.

The system provides possibilities for high quality prints of colour designs as well as exporting or printing out of technology blue-prints - harness drawing-in, harness operation card, colour warping and wefting, i.e. all the textile fabrics production technology documentation.

Some main features of DESIGN Plus ™
  • Weave structures, following ISO 9354-89, are created by an editor that applies the Cycle Fraction mathematical model.
  • Weave structures can be analyzed to produce the technology details.
  • New weave structures can be generated through a change of harness threading and/or harness operation card.
  • A true picture of the textile fabrics is presented - a colour picture in the original size.
  • Any design can be sampled in a variety colour tints and plenty of structures.
  • Fabrics can be generated in different densities by warp or by weft threads.
  • One layer and figured fabrics can easily be designed.
  • Fabrics can be designed in symmetrical mode as well in advance.
  • Each operator can create own thread palettes, as well as a library of weaves, designs and colour palettes...
  • Creation of article files gives possibility a great variety of designs.
  • Operations with straight, tortuous and mixture threads.
  • Any required level of fluffing can be pre-set and configured quite easily.
Users of DESIGN Plus ™ and DESIGN Plus ™ Jacquard
  • MAK AD, Gabrovo, Bulgaria
  • Manuela AD, Haskovo, Bulgaria
  • Maritsatex AD, Plovdiv, Bulgaria
  • Galatex AD, Varna, Bulgaria
  • Brod & Co, Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Siltex AD, Sliven, Bulgaria
  • Katex AD, Kazanlak, Bulgaria
  • Rilski len AD, Samokov, Bulgaria
  • Yana AD, Burgas, (Panagyurishte mill - heddle looms, jacquard), Bulgaria
  • Department of Textile Machines and Technologies in Technical University - Gabrovo, Gabrovo, Bulgaria
  • Professional High School in Textile and Modern Design, Gabrovo, Bulgaria
  • Professional High School in Textile and Modern Design, Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Central Research Institute for Complex Automation in Light Industry, Moscow, Russia
  • EnterNET, Turkey
  • Worsted and Carded Company Cheksil, Ukraine

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