1 Piece Plus Base USB Telephone With Dial Pad

About CyberPhoneK

The CyberPhoneK has a full dialing key pad with extra function keys to allow for dialing from handset and accessing phone books etc.

A futuristic design of USB handset perfect for portable and desktop applications.

The unit is plugged into a USB port and will be recognised by Windows as an USB device.

The product has a magnetic hook switch and LED indicators to show connection and in use.

CyberPhoneK features enhanced DSP echo cancellation and ASTI™ our proprietary algorithm for injecting artificial side tone making the product as close to a traditional telephone handset as possible.

  • Solid state hook switch
  • Hook switch button in handset
  • CCITT dial pad
  • Volume up/down key
  • LED for connection/status
  • Cancel key
  • Dial key
  • Application key, e.g. Skype invoke etc.
  • Latching mute key with LED
  • USB cable - 2000mm
  • Ringer
  • Colour side panels
  • Easy to install USB plug and play technology
  • PC sound card not required
  • Superior sound quality
  • Artificial side tone for real phone sound
  • Acoustically isolated speaker and microphone to eliminate echo
  • Independent use of phone and sound card allows for VoIP call whilst listening to music
  • Provides for an additional sound channel
  • LED indicates USB connection state plus off-hook condition
  • Out of the box use as speaker/microphone for any VoIP software application
  • Hook switch allows for intuitive start and end of VoIP calls
  • Additional driver required for integration of keypad into 3rd party software
  • Immediate
  • Colours can be defined by customer
  • Product can be OEM'd under own brand label
  • Internet Cafés
  • Consumer
  • Soft Phone Users
  • OEM
  • PC-Phone Service Supplier
  • Enterprise Solution Integrators

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