BlueBox™ is a call logging software system for registration of dispatchers' conversations.

The system is designed for users who need to record and store analogous signals of organizations they work at for a given period of time with extremely high reliability (telephone, radio station and radio set conversations, high frequency devices, fax machines, etc., hereafter called "telephone conversations"). Such users are power engineering companies, electrical substations, railroad companies, police departments, banks, financial organizations, multinational companies, etc.

Thanks to the BlueBox™ system, recording and storing of "telephone conversations" is done automatically.

The system is capable of recording up to 64 different conversations simultaneously, of making archives, and storing them on different media for unlimited period of time. The quantity of simultaneously manageable telephone lines varies from 1 to 64.

The user can choose whether to record, or not, or automatically to start recording at a signal entering at any time.

Each conversation is recorded with the exact date and time of its entering. While working with the system or whenever necessary, the user could choose and playback any conversation of the database. The database conversations can be chosen according to different indicators, such as: time of entering, which line the conversation has been led through, duration, etc. Thus, the correctness of each action taken after a certain dispatcher's conversation and the efficiency of undertaking the necessary actions can be undoubtedly defined.

The BlueBox™ system disposes of internal test subprograms for finding and eliminating hardware or device problems.

The access to the various functional options of the system is controlled by a subsystem for user's and administrative access by means of passwords.


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